Eric “Arthritis Hands” Clapton SUCKS.

If you recall on my front page I mentioned having the beginnings of a list of guitar players initials that absolutely suck major donkey rectum. Well, let’s start here. Paper Tiger number one: Eric Clapton. Now, for the most part, I don’t have anything personally against this clown or any of them for that matter with the distinct exception of one. That “one” I will make crystal clear when I’m good and fuckin’ ready.

Maybe Clapton’s a cool guy, maybe he’s not. Either way I don’t give a rat’s fuckin’ ass. This is only about his/their playing ability or really his/their lack of, and all you brain-dead sheep-following fuckers who perpetuate the lie of this guy and all the rest’s alleged ability that really doesn’t exist. Many, if not all of these problems that apply to this guy will apply to the rest. I will take great joy in repeating every single one of their short comings in each of their respective posts.

When we are all growing up, we look up to people that have qualities we would like to emulate and with most kids those people are usually in some form of entertainment. Things we thought were totally cool and unbelievable at 10 years old, isn’t so boggling at 16. The problem with most wannabe rock musicians (as if there was only one, Haa haa haa!!!) is they don’t grow beyond that 15, 16 year old mentality. This is where you fuckin’ shitheads come in.

The more schooling you complete, the better off you will be in life. Knowledge is power as they say. The more you know, the farther you will go. It doesn’t get any fuckin’ simpler than that.  And, this is true of everything.  I know this is true. So many of you musically illiterate don’t agree.  Having a good working knowledge of music (harmony and theory) and music vocabulary (arpeggios, scales, phrasing ability etc..) and the physical/technical  ability (using a metronome, slow accurate practicing, correct hand positioning, vibrato, note bending) to pull it all off.

Your consistency will progressively make you a better player. You can’t help but get better and be a REAL well rounded and competent musician with a very good command of the instrument. Blending fast as well as slow to create a well balanced audio piece of art. But according to so many of you motherfuckin idiots this just can’t be right.

I’ve heard all the bullshit in-comp excuses, ” Theory ruins the creativity. Players who play fast don’t “feel” they don’t play with “feeling.” Playing with “feel” to ALL of you musically challenged morons, is to sloppily bend notes and never to pitch. To have vibrato that is sickeningly shallow, uneven and sounds like the guitar abuser is sitting on a washing machine during spin cycle. How do you living abortions know that someone who plays a fast, clean run isn’t “FEELING” it?!! Of course musical hacks like “Arthritis Hands” Clapton and the others to soon be named (including most if not ALL of you reading this) don’t know the first thing about using let alone possessing any technical ability to express himself.

Clapton is one of a few flukes that has had continued success due to the fact he’s been part of the drug-induced 60’s and through heavy duty drug abuse and fuzzy memories by millions of hippie stoner-addicts, he and others have maintained their loyal following by these drugged freaks and continued by the brainwashing of the unfortunate children and grandchildren of these drug addict hippies. Children who are likely dimwitted and weak-minded to begin with due to their fucked up parents.” Thanks Mom and Dad!! Will you please pass the reefer and my favorite happy face acid!!!!”

“Arthritis Hands” Clapton isn’t a guitar hero, ( I begin to choke back down bile saying hero and Clapton in the same sentence) what he is along with most of the rest is a folk song writer who uses a little distortion (and they all have consistently shitty tone at that). That’s all they are. Nothing more. But all of you want them to be something more…..more than what they really are, and that will never happen. “Arthritis Hands” sings with the same power and emotion as someone who for the last 40 years has been a 4 pack a day Pall Mall Red pack smoker with emphysema.

“Arthritis Hands” Clapton doesn’t bend to pitch ever,  his vibrato is never even and it sounds like he’s a beginner that’s been playing for only 2 weeks, his less than half-ass attempts at playing in a blues vein result in badly insulting real blues players not to mention forcing me to regurgitate food I ate 2 days ago, his lame-ass attempts at “acting” like he’s playing fast is almost as painful as Carlos “Am I in Tune??” Santana’s horseshit. Clapton’s stage presence…..he has none. Put Clapton in a room full of mannequins and I couldn’t pick him out, even if he began to sing (cough! cough! cough!) it’ll sound like a cheap $10 radio set on AM from Radio Shack.

So….huummm… are we doin’ so far ehy’ kids? Are ya pissed off at me yet?? You all should’ve been pissed off with the title alone, right?? And by now I’m gonna guess you wanna strangle me. And I do understand this, since all of you have the identical brain function as Dr. Frankenstein’s monster. I can almost hear your growling and moaning, haa haa haa!!!

Well, so many of you are under the misguided and warped view that “Arthritis Hands” Clapton is a blues player, well you couldn’t be more wrong, except when “I” tell you you’re wrong. Now, this is gonna be a tough little exercise for all of you little sheep to follow, but here it goes….I’m not normally into the blues but there are only just a few living blues men still alive who have earned the right to be called “Blues Men” and called “LEGENDS” and I’m gonna tell ya who they are and these are off the top of my head. They are: Buddy Guy, Joe Bonamassa, Gary Moore (when he’s in the mood), and I’ll throw in Johnny Winter for a good rounded measure.

These are players you little sheep WILL check out. Why?? One: Because I fuckin’ said so. Two: Because these are players who possess qualities that Clapton and the rest never have and at this stage in their lives, never will.  The ability to totally manhandle their guitar and make it do their bidding while simultaneously being impressive showmen. From the beginning of their set to the end, with every note played from a gentle, watery tear to a screaming attack, these “LEGENDS” truly know what the fuck their doing….end of lesson.

Your pal,  Crappy.

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  1. ha ha ha you pathetic kid. Lets here you play guitar big mouth!

  2. Good lord, finally! Someone else who realizes the audible diarrhea that this emulating shittard produces. Clapton Sucks. Thank you.

    • Yes, there are others who are smart like me! I’m glad I found a place where people aren’t brainwashed slugs with no capacity for rational thought!

      • Absolutely. People who cannot play the guitar worship Arthritis Hands like a god, but he is more like a teenager who learned just enough to play reasonably well. Since Crapton is told he is god, he believes it and, of course, no reason to improve, after all, he is god, just ask him. I play slide and I play it very well. Crapton claims he plays slide in an open “G” to get that special sound, but on Layla, is he even in tune or even TRYING to play? I am sure if Crapton took his guitar and whacked it on the stage, some morons would claim it to be a NEW genre of “music”. So easy to fool those who want to be fooled. Keep thinking for yourself, Marcus, Aaron.

  3. Yow…. pretty scathing. While I am not a big Clapton fan…I am amazed that people like yourself have reduced music to an Olympic event, a contest.

    Or is this just an exercise to hone your otherworldly writing skills?

    Something tells me you are a famous guitar player. You know someone widely respected by the musical community.

  4. Wow. Did Clapton spit on you or something?? You obviously know nothing about music and/or guitar playing.

  5. I used to think like you do. I used to think that Clapton was totally overrated and garbage. But as I’ve matured as a musician, I’ve grown to realize that this simply is not the case.

    He might be a tad overrated, sure. Hell, I’ll even say that I like Bonamossa, Moore, Winter, and Guy more than him. But Clapton’s still an excellent guitar player who contributed immensely to the instrument. Sure, he may not be a technical beast, but his phrasing and vibrato are both superb.

    I encourage you to give him another listen, although it sounds like you’ve pretty much made up your mind.

  6. I just lost 3 minutes of my life reading your stupid bullshit you fucking retard. It’s offensive for a moron like you to even mention Clapton.

    Crappy here,

    What’s offensive is the likely-hood that someone let you graduate through 8Th grade. 3 minutes of your life? Shit!! That’s twice as long as you’ve ever sat your ADD-ass still long enough to read anything. I did you a favor. Never let it be said, that I don’t do good deeds for the developmentally disabled.

  7. “The more you know, the farther you will go.” – I think you meant further. I would have thought that furthering your education would have taught you the difference.

    Crappy here,

    You say tomato, I say tomato. I may phrase it any way I like.

  8. Ok… My dad says he sucks because he has no feel whatsoever on his playing… I tried listening to some of his songs, and I have to say, the don’t suck very hard. It’s just because he does it all in plans. All pentatonic scales. That’s what blues is all about. Just, listen to a song like Sunshine Of Your Love, then listen to Stairway to Heaven (Jimmy Paige). See the difference? Lemme tell you:

    Clapton: Intro, Couplet, Refrain, Couplet, Refrain, Solo. (End)

    Paige: Intro, Couplet, Couplet (varied), Couplet (varied twice), Refrain, Couplet (varied again), Couplet (varied again!), Refrain (varied), Solo, Ending, (Some Text), The End.

    I personally don’t like Clapton that much, but he isn’t THAT bad… M’kay!?

    Crappy here,

    You sound like a young person, a young girl to be specific. Since your post is clean and nice, I’ll respond the same. Some people as they become more seasoned in life, their tastes change. Things you liked to do when you were very young, aren’t necessarily so much fun when you’re a little older. Books you may have read in 2nd and 3rd grade, don’t hold your attention the same way as when you’re 12 years old, 18 years old or 22+. Do you see where I’m going with this? In the beginning I listened a little, to many of these players when I first started playing guitar and I outgrew them very, very quickly. Just the way you outgrew those books you read in 2ND grade. I know what is possible musically, technically and creatively with the guitar with my own creativity as well as the players I have the utmost respect for. Popular music today, here in the U.S., where true creativity aspires to grow, is terribly frowned upon and squashed immediately.

    I hope I’ve been able to explain a little bit to you. If not, have your dad read this and maybe he can help you to understand.

    Thanks for reading my post and check back.

  9. Wow, I just stumbled across this website, and it is obvious you have NO clue what you are talking about. Does trashing other musicians make you feel better about yourself? All this ranting only makes you look like a tool with a dirty mouth. I think you need some friends.

    Crappy here,

    What’s obvious is that, YOU, have no clue, as is true with anyone with an I.Q. below 75. Since you think what I’m saying is “trashing” other musicians, than you will never know or want to know, the true creative alternative that lives. I don’t attack REAL artists. And, if having friends means to have friends like you, I sure as shit don’t need them. Thankfully, it doesn’t mean that at all.

  10. SUNSHINE OF YOUR LOVE, yeah good riff SO THE FUCK WHAT. geebus, what else you got, layla?… LAYLAs LAMELA.



  11. Yeah,he sucks…what surprises me is how you haven’t touched on the way he rides the coat-tails of others. How he wrote a song for the death of a child he never saw and then sold it to a movie that sucked too. Clapton is DOG (shit). That graffitti was rushed, and dyslexic.

    Any song that has some general appeal was written by someone else and Clapton supplied the drugs and girls for credit.

    Why couldn’t you have stolen John’s wife Yoko instead? Lenon may have beaten smack and Yoko could have bled the life out of you! Cripes!

    Let’s hope The Devil collects in grand fashion his pay from that contact at the crossroads

  12. Could you please tone down the insults and obscenities? I think you can still carry your point across without sounding like a black man from Compton.

    Crappy here,
    Haa haa haa!!!! Very funny!!!! I’ll see what I can do for ya!!

  13. Awww Clapton fucked your girlfriend? Sad little bitch, go take a broken broom and shove it up your ass like you always do. You pedo faggot.

    Crappy here,

    Hey, thanks for stopping by! Come back again!!

  14. What do Eric Clapton and coffee have in common?? They both suck without Cream. I think that during his Cream era Clapton helped redefine modern rock guitar. He was one of the first guys to put Gibson guitars and Marshall amps together. His tone during Cream was trend setting. As soon as picked up a strat he turned into Eric CRapton. My proof is the Cream reunion DVD from just a few years back. His tone and playing totally watered down what used to be some pretty rockn material. And yeah his singing is pretty terrible. Lastly, he’s really not a “blues man”. Hes a blues styled lead player. An honest look at his set list and discography(sp?) reveals some blues material amongst an overwhelming amount of pop and rock songs.

    • Bonamassa and Gary Moore!!! Blues Legends !?!?!


      I agree with you bout Clapton, he sounds nervous when he plays blues solo’s, like he’s tryin to copy the greats but is scared incase he sounds shite.

      Gary Moore is a horrible horrible blues player. Sure he can play real fast, but oh god he sucks ass way more than Clapton ever does.

      As for Bonamassa, I borrowed his discography off a friend of mine, and I was left seriously sickened. The guy plays cheesy oil slick blues and is way way overproduced!!! Blues legend my arse.

      I could name about 100 blues guitarists i’d rate above either of these wannabes.

      Crappy here,

      Remember, I did say I’m not really a blues fan…These are cat’s I respect. So, you say you could name about 100. Okay…..shoot!

  15. man, you have menthal diharrea, you don’t know nothing ’bout music. the REAL blues has no theory you fucking dickhead. do you think that the players from the delta in the 1920s learned theory. you say this because you surely are one of those motherfuckers that learn a scale and say they play blues. you say all that crap surely, because eric GOD clapton FUCKED YOU IN THE ASS. FUCK YOU SCARFACE

    • I’d honestly have to say that you’re the most ignorant human on this board. Real blues has theory, honestly, its pretty much bastardized jazz. Next time you feel like calling someone a dumbass learn your shit.

      P.S. Just because you were molested by a salty headed ol’ fuck doesnt mean you have to share your experiences on a public board.

      • I think i should point out to you supernaut, that Blues was around a long long time before jazz came about. So how could blues possibly be bastardized Jazz. Not to bright ar, So before calling someone out, you really should check your facts.

    • This is funny because even though blues originally had no theory, Clapton really just sticks to the Pentatonic. So, in his Godly breaking of music theory rules with his raw creativity (supposedly), he actually only sticks to 5 or 6 notes, period. End of argument, dude.

      Eric Clapton follows blues theory to the letter. It would be impressive if he mixed in exotic scales or went out of key and made it sound good, such as bending up from a japanese pentatonic scale, but he never does, and he probably never could, because his vibrato sucks dick. Thank you, I’ll be in town for tonight.

  16. wow this kid is a fucking d-bag. how about doing something else besides whacking it to the sims and hammering on people you fucking cocksucker

  17. Lol you actually thing Gary Moore is good?

  18. Clapton might not be all that special, but who are you, other than someone who gets thrills off of bashing people? Seems like a waste of time, but thats just me…

  19. He’s right though. A lot of the ‘blues’ guitarists from that time period are pretty terrible from a technical standpoint. He’s also right on the subject of ‘blues’ players bashing guitarists who can actually play fast and precise.

  20. Clapton is pretty overrated, except for his time in Cream. By the way, maybe you should read some Bukowski, and see if you can make your writing a little more interesting! Bukowski is like the Hendrix of writing to me. I assure you it won’t bore you!

  21. Greetings piece of runny dog shit!!
    I am just having a bit of tea and crumpets when I came across your criticism. Thank you for opening my eyes at last to what a complete loser and utter failure I am as a musician. I am truly grateful for those few who care enough to point out what sometimes can be quite painful to accept. My life really is worthless and I have no accomplishments or reward to show for my long labour.

    Well must run along now.
    I promised my 19 year old super-model girlfriend a quick jaunt in the old Gulfstream across the pond from my 4 million dollar Manhattan penthouse to have a look at my 16 million dollar Scottish Castle.

    Thanks for all you do again!!


  22. I am a huge Clapton fan, who has just stumbled across this site. I am the first to admit that Clapton is somewhat overated, when comparred to a great many other Blues musicians. I am not one off your ignorant “sheep” as you put it, but a musician, music/guitar teacher, with a diploma in music. I have to say, that your venom towards Clapton is somwhat misguided, and also the way you put it somewhat imature(sorry i am the master of understatement). Lets look at whom you cite as great blues muscians. Buddy Guy, well no argument from me on that one, a true legend. As for Joe Bonamassa, are you kidding, this guy is cheesey, and has about as much soul as an iron bar. Well i am also a big fan of Gary Moore, but to put him in legend status, tells me you are having a laugh. Gary moore is good, puts his heart and soul into what he does, but better than Clapton…..I don`t think so.
    I see you also took a pop at Santana, to say he sucks is just sooooo wrong. Great player with great tone and style.
    I don`t belive you know to much about music, just enough to make ill informed opinions. And as we all know Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one, and opinions don`t make fact.

    • Bonamassa’s phrasing and picking technique are flawless; up there with Eric Johnson and Shawn Lane.
      Criticising Joe, whilst simultaneously praising Carlos “slop bucket” Santana tells me only one thing: You must suck at guitar. Loser.

  23. Regardless of one’s opinion of their guitar playing, Clapton and Santana cannot be dismissed for their contributions to rock music. Their playing in the early days was fresh and exciting. The fact that they both have each been playing the same solo over and over for the last twenty years is another story though…

    • Amen! Both Clapton and Santana have proven that the creative well ran dry long ago. E.C. steals one of the most emotive forms of musical expression, homogenizes it, and has the audacity to call himself a bluesman. To that I say, that establishing a career on blues scales doesn’t make one any closer to being a bluesman than sitting in a garage makes you a car! (on a side note: How many ‘bluesmen’ do you count that have celebrity rehab clinics in Aruba?) As for Santana, well I suppose we’ll just have to wait for the next great Justin Beiber/ Kanye West/ Lady Gaga/ Carlos Santana album to come out…

  24. I agree with you. I saw Clapton in 1976 and I never wanted to see him again. He as you say has no “Stage Presence.” The Concert was a complete bore, with the same solo in every song. He seems to apologize now in interviews for being a jealous asshole when he was a fake rock god of the seventies . He sucks ass!!

  25. After years of worshiping this guy, I saw EC in concert for the first, and last time, last night. Was I ever disappointed! Stage presence? I’ve seen livelier cadavers. Eric seemed completely uninterested, even disgusted, with the whole situation. Most of what he played contained extended guitar and/or keyboard solos. One or two are ok, but more than that becomes filler in my opinion. I’d much rather have heard a greater variety of songs, preferably by someone who enjoyed playing them. Look, I’m not a musician by any stretch so I can’t speak to his technical abilities, or lack thereof. As a fan, however, it appears my idol not only fell off his pedestal, he jumped.

  26. If Clapton was so bad, other guitar players wouldn’t play with and pay tribute to him. I doubt many would say he’s the greatest technical player, but he’s a great stylist, and has been a force on many of rock’s legendary recordings.

    The question is always, “what are your standards?” I can find some criteria to rip on any guitarist, Hendrix included, ______ (fill in the blank) included.

    It’s pro musicians who have the last word here, and there can be no debate. They largely regard Clapton as an important and excellent player; they don’t dwell on nitpicking.

    Crappy here,

    Aawww shucks!!! You’re right!!! I’m gonna grow-up today!! Thanks for all you’re help!! 😀

  27. Here ya go
    Bonamassa cited Guitarist magazine (issue 265) the three albums that had the biggest influence on his playing: John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton (the Beano album), Rory Gallagher’s Irish Tour and Goodbye by Cream.

    Gary Moore States that seeing John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers in his home town of Belfast, molded his sound into the blues rock style it is today

    Had it not been for Clapton would we have these 2 wankers?

  28. Yes, I agree, Clapton is very over-rated…he is ubiquitous, and he is everywhere, and every idiot who reads some music magazine thinks Clapton is great. Clapton and his supermodel wife weren’t watching his kid, and the kid falls out of a 10th story window and dies…so Clapton writes a song about it and all everyone can say is how wonderful Clapton is…Clapton opens up a drug rehab clinic on some tropical island for the wealthy drug addict ( not for the guys from the slums ) and Ed Bradley has Clapton on 60 Minutes to talk about how wonderful he is….Clapton is very commercial and knows how to work the media…

    I don’t hate the guy but he is WAY over rated

  29. All i can say is i disagree with most of what you say, and you are oh so very wrong, but i suppose you are entitled to your opinion, just don`t go beliving it is fact. One thing id do have to agree with you about, is U2 suck donkey dicks. I really cannot stand them, or their over inflated egos

  30. Crappy?

    Could you calm down and wipe the drool of envy off your mouth? No? Oh, it’s cum? Sorry. I’m not judging you. Really. Well, OK. You’re a total and utter fool, and turd waiting to plucked and flushed. Beyond that, have a nice day.

  31. I’m pretty sure Santana stays in tune, and is a pretty good fucking guitarist. And I’m pretty sure Clapton writes some of the best tunes ever, regardless of how simple they are (sorry he cant shred dude)

  32. lmao I love this page, it’s a little bit rant-ish but I (for the most part) agree with you, write one about Jimmy page and you’ll be my hero

  33. Both Clapton and Santana have proven that the creative well ran dry long ago. E.C. steals one of the most emotive forms of musical expression homogenizes it, and has the audacity to call himself a bluesman. To that I say, that establishing a career on blues scales doesn’t make one any closer to being a bluesman than sitting in a garage makes you a car! (on a side note: How many ‘bluesmen’ do you count that have celebrity rehab clinics in Aruba?) As for Santana, well I suppose we’ll just have to wait for the next great Justin Beiber/ Kanye West/ Lady Gaga/ Carlos Santana album to come out.
    AND… while I have the floor, I’d also like to mention just how much I HATE all of those knuckle dragging, unimaginative,barband SRV ripoff hacks that have ‘flocks of braindead sheep’ praising their “musical prowess”. I’m talking to YOU: Kenny Wayne Sheppard, Henry Garza, Chris Duarte, et all. May all of the above AND George ‘bad to the bone/ears’ Thorogood never rest knowing that there are those with discernable minds that see right thru all of your musical bullshit.

  34. I read this entire post, including responses, and I can honestly say it was the biggest waste of time in my life.

  35. Neat. Eric Clapton’s work dismissed by a douchebag. Will wonders never cease.

  36. To each his own,however I would like to point out that a lot of the’legends’ you have mentioned, especially Gary Moore cite Eric Clapton as an influence and as a great.Maybe you’re missing something that they’re hearing.
    We all go through different phases in terms of musical taste and understanding.It would’ve been nearly impossible for me to like, understand and appreciate BB King’s the Thrill is Gone or Clapton’s Double Trouble (give it a listen if you haven’t already) when I was 7.

  37. Here is an Eric Clapton theory that should make someone smile.

  38. How anyone can let this jerkoff get you pissed off is beyond me lol. First off he is using a method that is over 100 years old, by saying the most outrageous ofF color remarks he is stirring people up to try and garner an audience, sorry but I will not be back. It is always the guy with the biggest mouth about other artist that never has any music of his own posted. I go to your page and boy do you look like Paul Gilbert. I doubt the artist you mentioned need me to defend them as they will still be talked about and listened to 100 years from now. By the way as far as you slapping anyone let alone me, even with directions the best surgeons in the world would not be able to put your face back together which is just a fact. Howard Stern knew how to do this the right way, and made a lot of money doing it. You are just a jerkoff that did not even hold my interest for two minutes. Move out of your parents basement and go get a job before it is to late.

  39. Boom owned.

  40. I don’t really like Clapton, but he’s a good guitarist, he doesn’t play in a very technically proficient way, nor creatively proficient…. he isn’t an Yngwie Malmsteen(who looks like he could be a bearded woman at a carnival) type guy with amazing technical skill and speed, and he isn’t a Jimmy Page(if stoned out weird ass riffs count) type who has skill for writing and creating deep and creative image evoking riffs and over all compositions…. he is kind of in between, and not particularly good at either…. Layla has a neat riff, but it still isn’t that good….. just okay…. and I think his Cream needed another guitarist or something to give it more fullness… it was like how the Beatles would be with Kurt Cobain instead of John Lennon….. it just doesn’t sound right, and is missing a level of creativity…. overall, I think you should have backed your points up with more evidence and less swears…. then people would appreciate your argument more and it would be less like a rant

  41. Clapton himself never proclaimed to be a guitar hero. In fact the “Clapton is God” thing back in the sixties was too much for him and partially drove him to drink. He has also said that he hears people better than him every day. I’m not a huge clapton fan but his contribution to popular music is unmistakeable.

    So… let’s see some clips of you playing? I’m more than happy to trade…. 🙂

  42. Buddy Guy is the best living blues guitarist alive along with B.B. King. And, I contend, there a thousands of great guitarists playing at jam nights around the USA and world. Go check out your neighbors rocking the local jams.

    Eric Clapton became Eric Crapton after Cream…
    Lay Down Sally and a few other post Cream tracks are still standouts. I think he has pretty much become a whore (with the Chicago Guitar fest to benefit his B.S. Island retreat for addicts with $30,000 in their pocket)who should just disappear.

    I had a friend reach out to his Antigua recovery center several times and received no response. BTW, she had the $30,000 to go there. BTW, she died last year from her addiction. So, whatever the fuck they’re doing on that island, it didn’t help my friend.

    You cannot rip on Carlos Santana after watching his Woodstock performance. That was a career moment that has weight. Watch it.

    Joe Bonamassa sucks. I saw him at a blues fest a couple of years ago. After a day of good blues, the headcase liner JB comes on and proceeds to play derivative rock cliches from Clapton (yeah nucklehead Crappy) Eric Johnson and Jimmy Page. You have to respect that he distances himself from the SRV tribe.

    Anyway, the blues community kicked him out. Now he “rocks” – yawn – with Bonham’s son. He admits he does not deserve (after having been told) to call himself “blues”.

    BTW, Gary Moore is no blues guy. He (RIP) still has the blues and held everyones attention for a bit there. Never a follow up to that that stuck. RIP Gary.

    I found this page with the google search “Joe Bonamassa Sucks”. I was wondering if anyone has the same feeling when seeing this overexposed douchebag on PBS tonight…Albert Hall… Turned it off after second pompous, pretentious and extended turd otherwise known as a song.

    BTW, guess who is the special guest crappy…your favorite guitar master JBonamustard asked…..wait for it….wait for it… asked Eric Clapton on stage to jam. Watch it boy! and learn.

    Crappy…Maybe you should study musical theory less and pick up a Dr. Seuss tome…Green Eggs and ham is mighty tasty.

    • “best living blues guitarist alive”

      oh man, that’s classic…

      • Buddy Guy????? he’s good on some nites and other’s ouch. Plus I think there really isnt a good blues guy out now. Nobody ever mentions Albert Collins or the real KINGS- Albert and Freddy. BB’s a fat f’g freeloader who named his guitar and got famous. Lop of southern fried fatback is he. No chords either. No CHORDS and we are supposed to respect him? He’s the blues version of Slash. okay back on target- Shit…SRV owes royalties to Albert KIng. He all but robbed the sox off his feet. And come on w/his tone??
        2 tube screamers, a fender cranked to the 11’s and no midrange becomes God tone?
        and God Bless you for being on cruise and having to hear endless I IV V’s that are retreads of retreads. DId they play “the ships gonna sink if you play the VI chord Blues?’ I cant take the blues anymore…maybe that is the name of my new album. the blues gave me the blues.

  43. one more thing crappy…

    some of clapton’s best early performances are found here:

    London Howlin’ Wolf Sessions

    Blind Faith – Can’t Find My Way Home – 1969


  44. Come on guy, half of what you’re saying has to come from personal hostility and a lack of perspective. I came to this page eager to hear from another person who thinks Eric is a phony, only to discover I’m in practically the same camp as a hate mongering ignoramus. There are many ways to have something to say musically, and all studies you mention won’t do a thing for you if you’re an idiot – which you obviously are. I just happen to have observed that Eric is a mediocre talent, and that what he chooses to do with what he’s got (all the style dabbling over the years) pretty much makes him the Madonna of guitar playing – Madonna having a little talent and all, but not nearly in the ranks of a real singer.

    What’s the difference between Eric Clapton and coffee?
    Coffee can still be good without Cream.

  45. AH Clapton should’ve never been on stage w/Joe Bonamassa when he was in LONDON EGNALUND. EC’s tone was thin and nasally and it was obvious when Bonamassa just torched the guitar. EC gives a strat tone a bad name. Seriously…what has that old goatchinned doucher written? Take the cocked wah of his solo’s and sleeper city. In Cream he light shit in fire but since then. eh he just shit on himself. and pluuuuuullllease. Derek and the Dominies….thank God it was before Duane Alman forgot how to ride a motorcycle. His R/B shit in the 90s, puke.
    Another overrated colonblower is Carlos Santana….if Miles Davis was clean he would’ve laughed at that jerkoff. His solo’s are boring and as spiritual as the Backstreet Boys. He is a complete farce but he did get some neat tones in the early 90s. and YES EVH was a pyrotechnical genius but really man…he never really progressed in his playing at all. SSDD w/him….whammy bar dive, fake elephant noise, pick scrap, some tapping and then one final whammy bar dive. flick off the volume knob and stare at your audience awaiting approval. Chirst…go listen to fucking DiMeola. The man is pure rock guitar w/brains. So is McLaughlin.
    and lastly huge HEEYYOOOOH to Alex AXECESS Lifeson. Love him and his tone. Check out Natural Science fr PW… He can get sloppy and lost in delay but for what the holy trio pull off live, I cant knock him.
    ( ) that blank space is John Mayer’s musical ability wrapped up in a tidy sentence. He is the musical equivalent to horse shit. Fucking lousy tone, lousy singing and his solo’s are so pedestrian.
    Kirk Hammet…lucky that Dave Mustaine was a dick. If not, he’s be working at In and Out cutting fries everyday. I do like KH on Kill em All….he rocks out. After that….goood nite.
    Zakk Wylde…he’s a douche in interviews. He plays fast pentatonic runs. Zakk…guitar method year 4 called to tell you about the Locrian Mode. Call them back please?

    Those fuckwads fr AvengeSevenfold. I cant put into words what possessed them to come up w/those names? Synster Gates? Does his mom put xmas presents under the tree like this. To: My dearest Synster Fr: Mom. We love you.
    They need to go play in the road.

    Later guys,


    MIchael Angelo Battio

    oh yeah…has anyone heard a worse tone on a solo than Clapton’s on Bad Love? that volume rolled off and stupid bending was in full effect.

    • I have a picture of Duane Allman playing guitar with his mouth open and drooling. Apropos.

  46. QUOTE: Having a good working knowledge of music (harmony and theory) and music vocabulary (arpeggios, scales, phrasing ability etc..) and the physical/technical ability (using a metronome, slow accurate practicing, correct hand positioning, vibrato, note bending) to pull it all off.

    What a fucking ignorant observation: (Among Many)

    This if factual effectively invalidates about 80% of the Fathers of the whole damned Blues genre. If you knew anything at all about the legacy of the Blues you would realize that most of the Pre-War musicians who are foundational could’nt read English or write their own damned name : much less read music or comprehend theory. They were self taught and played from a place that assholes such as yourself don’t even realize exists much less hope to find. Oh yes and John MIRE and Joe Bone-A-Monkey share that vast void alongside of you as well as most of the Modern Blues hotshots.

    Eric Clapton if nothing else is the clearest bridge between those foundational artist and what has become Modern Blues and Blues Rock.
    His legacy includes The Bluesbreakers who alongside Paul Butterfield Blues Band and Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac and Johnny Winter introduced Blues Music to a Young White audience and legitimized the genre.

    Despite the fact that Clapton has certainly plopped out his share of sonic excrement : (EX: The Entire Album; Pilgrim) He has also created a legacy of masterful music that will continue to inspire musicians for decades to come.

    Despite the fact that a live Clapton performance can be the equivalent of watching paint dry within those shows there are moments that still reveal the Mastery that has put him continously in the top rankings of every Guitarist poll.

    The truth is when Clapton is on he can be mind-numbingly incendiary and exhibits a fluidity and spontaneity that few Guitarist can approach.

    Sadly these truths are wasted on fuck-brains like you that have begun with an end conclusion already before the first step of a journey.

    And after reading every posts on this subject here it is amazing how little anyone seems to know about the genre.

    What about people like Ronnie Earle, Duke Robillard, Anson Funderburgh?
    I doubt you fabulous fucks even know who they are.


  47. Yeah, I know them…and this fuck Trickster Burns….what a cocksucking whore know-it-all that guy…

  48. It’s funny when people defend Clapton like he’s their brother. There really isn’t very much of an argument against this. Clapton didn’t even write the intro to Layla, Duane Allman did. Now there’s a great blues player, Duane Allman from the Allman Brothers’ Blues Band just listen to this and shut your mouth. Clapton just sucks, give up. It’s true. Sometimes you just can’t account for taste.

  49. Clapton came along at the right time and place to be successful with his efforts. He knows how to be a star, for sure.

  50. Crappy,
    This whole thread is pointless why would you wast your time posting this? If don’t think Clapton is a talented guitarist that is your opinion. I don’t see what you wanted to accomplish by posting this. Your anger is obviously stemming from something else because nobody gets this emotional about there opinion of a guitarist. Stop hating on other musicians and focus on advancing your own musical talent. Life is to short to waste time with pointless slander. Maybe try and relax, possibly some counseling?
    -Have a good day

  51. Seriously dude, Clapton is a great blues player, and you, appear to know nothing.

  52. Did your mother make you wear short trousers in year 9

  53. Looks like you’re in love with eric clapton, but as he rejects you, you’re so angry with him. Or perhaps because he is Eddie Van Halen’s favorite guitarist?. Am I right?

    Crappy here,

    Nope, you’re not.

  54. you’re allowed to not like someone. but you choose someone like joe bonamassa? not that he’s the shittiest player, but he’s unentertaining. and that’s really what music is, which everybody forgets, entertainment. he doesn’t have the soul in his playing that touches others. BB king doesnt have fabulous chops or anything, but he’ll make you feel the way he does through his music. which is more than joe bonermassive can say. (if you’re going to make childish nicknames)

  55. I found this site by googling “Joe Bonamassa sucks”.

  56. clapton has been in the hearts of many at pretty much every stage of his career. it goes without saying that he is a proffesional level musician, with many a credit to his benifit.

    However, I have seen him live as a guest and as a headliner at Crossroads most recently, and I must say, without his musician friends carrying the show, it was not worth 10 cents, IMO. the sgow would start to get stale, I feel like even he felt this way, and it was at that moment, he would alway say mid-song ” it’s at this time ladies and gentleman, that I would like to call to the stage (insert one of claptons’ many guitar buddies). crowd applause overwellming.

    I feel like he is a has been, and he does cash in on his extensive past most of the time, but with as many awards and albums and great bands he has had the fortune to have had, deserved or not, this has solidified his place on a top ten till nuclear holocaust takes us all.

    I do feel your pain with every fucking list of guitar legends sounding like the latest greatest rapper’s remix of the same 20 60-80’s has beens, I really would like to see lists lose the all time subjectivity, because it’s getting old to see the same get sold to all of us again and again, like it was gonna read different this time. many guitarists today have a fuller grasp of what being fully rounded is as a musician, it’s finally wide open, music in general. the other day, I was tortured by some girl who has lady gaga playing on her mp3 station so loud you couldn’t hide, but the next song was dokken’s Mr Scary, and it made me smile!

    Crappy here,

  57. You make me laugh! You don’t know what more invented to justify your lack of knowledge about music, I bet you no listen more than two music genres. It would be nice if you study a little more before give a review about something you ignore. Sorry for my enghish!

  58. I can’t stand Clapton.

    But for the record, Joe Bonamassa is equally as suck worthy. And Gary Moore’s annoying, nails-on-a-chalkboard drivel is absolutely unlistenable to me.

  59. I used to think Clapton was an overrated “mainstream” pretty boy….until I started playing the GUITAR! You may be right that hes overrated but look up some of Clapton’s REAL music when he’s fully inspired. Not the popular garbage that pops up on youtube.

    ..listen to clapton when he played with John Mayall or his sessions with Howlin Wolf…Clapton is probably the most influential guitarist of all time for sound and “new age” phrasing

    When Buddy Guy and BB King say that the guy is a great blues guitarist, I think I’ll take their word over yours.

  60. Eric Clapton does suck. This overhyped windbag who sucks personality wise as much as his boring ass playing does!

  61. Yeah you lost me when you said Bonnamassa is great – overrated for sure – same for Gary Craterface Moore

  62. Go ask your “legends” (Buddy Guy, Joe Bonamassa) if they agree with article. I would bet my life they would call you fucking idiot.

  63. There are many great guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter, Duane Allman, SRV, Carlos Santana, etc., but the best guitar player in the world hands down and without equal is Dominick “Bomps” Smegmetticapelloronzonosonobuonifunicullifuniculla who plays every weekend at Bosco’s Lounge in Ozone Park on 199th Ave. between the crack house and the unicycle repair shop.

  64. I absolutely love your blog and find nearly all of
    your post’s to be just what I’m looking for. can you offer guest writers to
    write content for you? I wouldn’t mind producing a post or elaborating on a lot of the subjects you write in relation to here. Again, awesome web log!

  65. this is hysterical!

  66. I am a musician, producer, composer, and artist, and I have to agree with the original post.

    The only reason Clapton ever became popular was because his ‘style’ catered to boring white anglo-saxon cultured people. Let me make an analogy…Jimi Hendirx was a pioneer of the guitar…Miles Davis was a pioneer of the trumpet. So look, if Clapton was a trumpet player he’d be along the lines of Herb Alpert…ok, but not even as good as Alpert.

    I saw someone mention Clapton as a guitar hero and lol’d. The guy is about as much of a hero as a limp wanger on the last surviving male dodo bird. Seriously…look at his audience! You don’t see cultured black folk, hispanic folk, or rock scene white folk. You see suburbanites and people with money to buy non-crack cocaine.

    Clapton is the Olive Garden of Italian food. Yeah, it might taste good once or twice..but that’s if you’ve never had REAL Homestyle Italian food. Yeah, his technique is ok and he plays relatively clean but in comparison Hendrix plays DIRTY…but its so much more enjoyable because his heart and soul is in the music… like John Mayer…Clapton has a pussy for heart and soul and it sounds like it. Eric Clapton…the John Mayer of Classic Rock. Terrible.

    However, with Santana…I can’t agree with that. His newer stuff that actually became commercially viable, yeah…I can see what you’re saying about that. But he at least has some damned good songs regardless of his repetitive (I admit this) solo licks and is exciting to listen to whether he’s sloppy or not. Clapton doesn’t have any damned good songs…Layla is ok…and that’s about all he has.

    • You may have hit on it: Clapton plays to make money, not because he loves to play, while Hendrix loved to play and it showed.

  67. Just ran across all of this. Just curious but does Crappy play music? I am actually asking because i don’t know and came across all of this as I am heading out the door. The opinion is strong and I am in no position to disagree. I’m on my own journey of listening to and playing music. The more I play I do realize that some of the legends keep it simple. Blah blah blah. I like Claptons style but then again I am not close to understanding music theory to the degree that you do. I’ll get back on this site later tonight. But once again…..Crappy do you play guitar? I hope so. If you do I’ll listen. If you don’t… have no credibility.

  68. Hey Fyrant

    You said look at his audience. What does that prove. This isn’t about Clapton by the way. So many people don’t listen to or go see a band because they dislike the fans. I think that is a bit ignorant. It is about the music right? Musicians can’t hand pick their followers. Do you have an audience outside your friends and family? Also…..”Layla is ok…and that’s about all he has.” Do you know how stupid and ignorant you sound. You don’t like Clapton but the one song you kinda of like is Layla. Come on Crappy. After reading more of your opinions I’ll say at least your consistent. For someone to knock Clapton but say that Layla is the one song that is ok. It’s obvious crappy that you highly dislike Clapton. But for Fyrant to say the one song that is ok is Layla. Sounds like Fyrant likes Olive Garden. You make yourself sound like an ass kisser.

    Hey Fyrant
    Put some of your stuff on youtube. My guess is you are a poser. The funny thing is you are ripping on a guy who has so much more talent then you. You know that to be true unless you are just really that stupid. You have a right to your opinion but don’t be calling yourself an artist. An artist creates. Have some balls and put your skills on youtube.

  69. Crappy(puppet master),

    You are an artist. you got me because of your site to rant about music and get fired up. you may not post my statements and thats alright. Damn it would be fun though to go head to head with Fyrant. Would love to pick your brain on guitar theory as well. I’m hooked on those moments playing or listening that make you feel alive.


  70. I’m reading Clapton’s autobiography now, although I never really liked his music much. Have to say, it’s probably the best autobiography I’ve ever read – a real page turner, and he comes off more human and fallible than arrogant – so I figured I’d check out some of his old live videos on YouTube to see if I misjudged the music. Nope, still sounds pretty lame.

    My favorite blues players include Jimmy Thackery, Tommy Castro, Paul Gilbert (not known as a blues player, but listen to his Tribute to Hendrix album for some insane blues shredding), and some of the old school jazzers, such as Herb Ellis, Barney Kessel and the great Charlie Christian. Every one of those guys, at their best, brought melodic ideas to the blues that went way beyond the pentatonic. Papa Chubby is also a damn fine player, as is Duke Robillard when he plays his swing blues stuff. B.B. King when he’s swinging and playing “outside” could be amazing, and Tiny Grimes did more with five strings than most could do with six and a back up band.

    Clapton was probably exciting to young white kids when he broke onto the scene – and in all fairness, I think his playing in some regards has improved as he’s gotten older. He’s much more into following the chords now than he was as a young man. But really, his place in history has much more to do with being in the right place at the right time than it does with actual musical accomplishments.

  71. Found this accidentally in the web. Your problem is that you look at Clapton abilities to pplay the guitar but you must look at him as the creator of many of the electric guitar tricks that many others has taken after he did them.

    What he plays is “self tought”, no “guitar pros” no detailed tablatures, nobody to tell him how to use that piece of gear.

    Is he faster than Vai, Satriani or Pettrucci?, no, he’s not faster than them but if you really apreciate music you can cry or laugh listening to just one Clapton’s note. He does not need “dive bombs” or “ultra ridiculous speed” to impress the listener.

    • He learned from books. Just so you know. He didn’t just stumble onto being a great guitarist by only listening to others. That’s the common misconception that I even had at one time until I read about how he learned threw both books, articles, and of course listening to his idols records.

  72. Well i can agree that clapton is boring. but so is bonnamassa. and i don’t consider moore and bonnamassa as bluesmen. if you want to check out real bluesmen:
    Hound dog taylor,,John lee Hooker, Son House and Skip James!

  73. What is REALLY funny, is these turds who claim to “disagree” typed in “Eric Clapton Sucks” and here they are. Damn! I’m 62 and remember Clapton from back in the ’60’s, he hasn’t played a new note since. A tour in VietNam and some shrapnel in my right arm and hand hasn’t stopped me from progressing in the 47 years I’ve been playing guitar. Also, I play better slide than Clapton.
    Thank You, Crappy, for the truth.

  74. You made the mistake of calling fuckass Clapton a “song writer”. This clown bitch wrote approximately 0.2% of the songs he made gazillions of dollars from. Song writer my dick. Fuck Clapton. Fuck him right in the ear.

  75. Post one of your songs and let us analyse it and rip it apart. If you don’t, you’re just an abysmal troll with way too much time on his hands.

  76. good to see that the lobotomy has done wonders for you crappy. a few more years you will have the iq of a plant

  77. Without Eric Clapton there would be no Eric Johnson, no Bonamassa nor Gary Moore (RIP).

  78. can’t believe i am wasting my time responding to all of this non-sense. if we are talking about pure talent and who has the most…i would agree there are people out there who are better than ec. however, if we are talking about who has done the most to popularize the electric guitar and to bring a larger audience to black blues music …you would be hard pressed to name anyone who has done more than Clapton. i also think a big part of this is just personal taste. i am over all the loud over the top synthesized playing. Clapton plays simply and and with a higher degree of class and taste. i also will tell you i am a guitar player who has played with Eric and many others. “cream” usually does rise to the top and Eric has been and will always be recognized by his peers as a great player.

  79. I totally agree Clapton is one of the most overrated guitarists ever. He has zero stage presence and personality with limited ability beyond his meagre pentatonic scale knowledge. I would rate Beck and Page above him any day. Slash is also very overrated and has become every possible bad cliche of a rock star with limited ability. UlI Jon Roth is possibly the most gifted rock guitarist ever. He makes Crapton look stupid. Brian May also gets a nod as one of the greatest but for me it has to be Michael Schenker. He totally buries Crapton.

  80. I have a very advanced knowledge of theory and I have a very finely tuned ear. Clapton does have really good intonation and vibrato. You sit there and say that Clapton has no Music Theory knowledge when in reality he actually does. Since your ear is probably shit maybe you should go study some of his music and track the harmonic movements. In Old Love the beginning of the progression starts in A minor and it allows you to use all the modes but mainly Aeolian and Harmonic Minor (witch Clapton actually uses a lot) and goes to Gsus4 and resolves the 4th degree to the 3rd of Gmaj. Then it proceeds to go to Fmaj to Emaj back to Amin witch if you didn’t know is a 6-5-1 in the key of A Harmonic minor. That means that Clapton knows his shit when it comes to scales and modes. He always uses the full natural minor scale mixed with pentatonic plus the Mixolydian mode and the Dorian mode. He uses all of the modes but those 3 are the ones he usually uses. I didnt know that everyone had to be a Steve Vai or Malmsteen style guitarist to be good. Obviously you have a very shitty ear if you think that Clapton doesn’t bend to pitch. I really think you could use some ear training and some fucking respect. You dont have to like the guy but you dont have to trash him and make yourself look like a fucking retard to all real guitarists out there. Just because you know Music Theory doesnt make you a great guitarist so eat a fucking slice of humble pie and start realizing how fucking ignorant you are. No one is the greatest musician in the world because its not a contest and there are so many different parts to music that cant all be measured to the exact degree. What makes the greatest musician on planet Earth by the way? Its and impossible question to answer. Also what have you done that’s so special in music. Have you become a legend and are you really in a position to fatally criticize a legend in music and guitar playing.

  81. Also Buddy Guy doesnt know a lot of Music Theory and Clapton is miles ahead of him as far as a polished sound. Buddy Guy opts for a gritty tone and is limited compared to Clapton as far as Buddy Guys musical knowledge is concerned. Ive never seen him stray outside of the blues scale or the major pentatonic. On the other hand Clapton almost always strays off of the pentatonic scales because he often uses the 2 extra notes, meaning the 2nd degree and the major 6(dorian, mixolydian, lydian, ionian, dorian#4 and all of that shit) or the flat 6(natural minor, dorian, harmonic minor, phrygian, phrygian dominant and a whole bunch of other shit). Him and Stevie Ray Vaughan are the 2 most technically sound traditional blues guitarists of their era

  82. Right on, goddamn it Clapton is boring and overrated.

  83. It is true that Clapton is not too great, but he is not as bad as all that. But crappystruth’s rants obviously indicate he is some sort of moron.


  84. Clapton is one of the most overrated players in history. I’ll give him the fact that he can sing and write a decent song. But his skills with the axe are painfully lacking.

  85. Hyperbole sucks. It’s the king of the web…and you got me to read (at least part of this crap). Not a big clapton fan either. Just not my thing. But he definitely doesn’t sound like a guy who’s played for 2 weeks. Seriously, take your bi-polar medication and write something that’s a little more even (and valuable to your readers).

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