Sharon Osbourne ( A.K.A. The Devil )

          I have had the misfortune of dealing with this yeast-infected Cunt one time and one time only when I was back-stage at an Ozzfest show. I would have never imagined that so much filthy raw sewage and venom could be stuffed into such a short, fat little Candarian Demon Troll (CDT) as Sharon. This is of course at the time before “It” left the States to have the mythical 3 foot leaches suck the fat out of “It’s” disease-ridden carcass. I don’t expect “IT” to remember me. Since when does any tyrant-dictator remember their victims or the carnage they’re responsible for. Besides it being some years ago. Some of you may be familiar with some of the acting work Sharon has done. Sharon plays “Itself” as the Alien Queen in all the “Alien” films. So it’s not a stretch for “It.” 

       Ozzy’s wife/mother/handler Sharon Osbourne, goes above and beyond your average filthy cut-throat music business shark. You may hear from time to time stories or “tales” of a “creature” that redefines the terms “cold-blooded” — “heartless” — “sinister” –“soulless” these and others are terms that fit Sharon Osbourne right down to “It’s” cloven hooves. Allow me to share with you a little short story and other little tid bits woven in, about Sharon “the troll cunt” Osbourne and what a wonderful piece of work “It” is.

     When Ozzy had his falling out with Black Sabbath he spent time trying to commit suicide using drugs and alcohol and in time “The Beast” Sharon found him and tried to clean him up for the sole purpose of using him as a tool (which she still does to this day. Working Ozzy like he’s a mule plowing one thousand acres.) to try to make a name for “Itself” in the process. To show “It’s” father that “It” could do something with “It’s” worthless existence besides be an albatross the size of a tow-truck to everyone “It” encountered. Speaking of a tow-truck that’s just what Sharon resembled through most of “It’s” life. As with all Candarian Demon Trolls they will eat anything they get their claws on (chairs, license plates, tires, whatever is within reach and can be chased down) or until their gut bursts. And Sharon was no different. In addition to having a face only a mother could love or in “It’s case “like”, it is also a face that’s been slam-kissed hard by the grills of several Kenworth tractor-trailers. CDT’s are also known for waddling out into traffic aimlessly.

       Sharon has never loved Ozzy, Sharon married Ozzy in order to have total and complete control over “It’s” “investment” which anyone with two eyes can see by the way Sharon slave-works that poor son-of-a-bitch. Let’s not forget about the two humanoid looking slugs Sharon birthed, but I’ll touch on that later. So, controlling CDT’s can be a very tricky and very dangerous endeavor. I’ve heard one way is by using highly modified “Hot-shot” type cattle prods that produce a massive electrical jolt that will knock a 1,400lb cow directly on it’s ass AND incapacitate the animal for up to 30 minutes. In the case of CDT Sharon it will get the creature to move in the direction the prod user desires.

People who are familiar with early Ozzy meaning the Randy years may have heard of the names Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake. These two Cat’s handled bass and drum duties respectively on the Randy/Ozzy material. Here is one of the typical moves that make Sharon a unique, British Bull Dog piece of shit. One day when Sharon was wallowing in the stench it’s outdoor pen, it came up with an idea to make a little more money by pulling out the old masters that Bob and Lee performed on, and removing Bob and Lee’s important contribution on those recordings. Then hiring some studio guys, and for a flat fee, rerecord Bob and Lee’s parts thereby eliminating having to rightfully pay royalties to Bob and Lee. Isn’t that a nice thing for Sharon to do for Bob and Lee?? After all, it was such a heavy burden for these two guys to have to periodically go out to their horrible mailbox to take out a royalty check once in a while. Well Sharon fixed that, didn’t it?

A very talented guitar player by the name of Joe Holmes temporarily replaced Zakk-fuck and from what I heard, Ozzy himself said he really liked Joe. Ozzy said Joe was totally a team player and very professional and very enjoyable to be around. But the fans wanted Zakk. Of this statement the one thing I don’t believe is the fans wanted Zakk. Why do I feel this? Because I’ve seen the crowds go nuts for Joe, that’s why. People were very bummed out about Jake E. Lee leaving, but I don’t recall a fan revolt about it. And, I don’t recall hearing of a fan revolt about shit-for-brains Wylde leaving either. I think what it came down to was Sharon probably has a “thing” for Zakk and likes fantasizing about breeding with him as often as possible. Joe was with Ozzy from 1995 after the recording of Ozzmosis to 1998. Then rejoined in 2000 for the Ozzfest tour and later left but not before co-writing Facing Hell, junkie, and That I Never Had for the Down to Earth album. In addition Joe worked for the greatest front-man in rock music history, David Lee Roth.

So, Joe Holmes has had serious tenure with the two biggest, legendary frontmen of all time. Now, that doesn’t happen by accident, kids. You’ve got to have your act together like nobody’s business.

Let’s not forget that worthless “The Osbournes” t.v. show. And, how Sharon sent an actual box of shit to a British reviewer who panned the show in a review of his own. Yep, Sharon is truly an even bigger pile of walking shit than Zakk. Those two fuckin’ slugs Sharon birthed, Jack and the other fat one, are the worst attempt at cloning I’ve ever seen. Listening to Rhinoceros Kelly try to sing, sounds just like the sound Loyd made from Dumb and Dumber right after he asks, “Wanna hear the most irritating sound in the world?” These two offspring are perfect examples of how the rich have no excuse for having fat children. And, the perfect reason to support abortion. Although young produced by CDT Sharon, it’s expected they’ll be huge, fat-ass, worthless wastes of space, not unlike the creature that birthed them. Sharon Osbourne…… I wouldn’t be surprised if Sharon moonlighted as some sort of an instructor to a terrorist group.

         Well, there ya go kiddies.   … Beware of the music business, the creatures that dwell within it….and the dark.

         Because……… there really IS something lurking underneath your bed AND in your closet at night.

 Your light at the end of the tunnel……Crappy  ox!

p.s. If you’re the type that really appreciated Randy Rhoads/Ozzy material, the two BEST and ONLY replacements for Randy before Jake E. Lee and even after Jake, would have been:  Craig Collins Turner or Chet Thompson. Both pupils of Randy’s. Craig very senior over Chet.

These two players would have continued that kind of songwriting but in their own way and we would’ve had many more terrific albums than this fuckin’ bullshit that Ozzy’s put out instead.

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  1. If I remember correctly, Sharon’s dad was a real piece of work too.

    And she and Ozzy actually had three kids, but one of them refused to be on “The Osbournes.” Maybe that oldest one that got away has a decent chance at a decent life.

    Sharon’s definitely the Alpha Dog in that pound.


  2. You are correct, Jam. But the third child, Aimee didn’t go along with my piece.

    Aimee Rachel Osbourne b. 9/2/1983

    Ozzy’s two other children born to his first wife: Thelma Reilly are:
    Jessica Starshine Osbourne b. 1/20/1972
    Louis John Osbourne b. 1975

  3. I love Ozzy’s Music and everything Sabbath but Sharron should just stay out of his business and stay in the kitchen looking after her dysfunctional children just cause of who her dad was she thinks she can do the same thing..well..she fails at it miserably and when things don’t go her way she has a massive temper tantrum.

  4. why do u suck????

  5. Old post ,but so true.
    She also had him all drugged up on prescription drugs, keep him from being a bother.
    And she has him believing she is the star.

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