DAVID LEE ROTH: Worlds #1 Greatest Rock Frontman in History


 Every chick wants him, every guy wants to be him. Of course, runner up to Dave, is every guy wants to be Ed. I’ve checked out many of the written reviews of the Van Halen ’07-’08 reunion tour and I still have to laugh at the jealous, stinking pigs that need to feel better about their own pathetic lives still after more than 20+ years, attacking Diamond Dave. “Dave’s this, Dave’s that, Dave can’t blah blah, Dave’s got the biggest ego.” In order to be a great frontman, in Dave’s case the greatest of all time, a huge ego must be present in incredible abundance. Charisma must be present in incredible abundance.

EGO:   1. the “I” or self of any person; a person as thinking, feeling, and willing, and distinguishing itself from the selves of others and from objects of its thought.

CHARISMA:  1. A spiritual power or personal quality that gives an individual influence or authority over large numbers of people.

2.  A rare personal quality attributed to leaders who arouse fervent popular devotion and enthusiasm. Personal magnetism or charm.




 Clearly, Diamond Dave has all of these qualities including his famous flying by the seat of his pants vibe and so much more.

           What makes a good frontman, let alone a great one? For one thing, having the balls to get up in front of people at the big risk of falling flat on your face and being laughed, booed or both right off the stage.

          What made Roth/Van Halen so awesome? So terrific? So unique? It’s not limited to just one thing. There was never a band like Roth/Van Halen before they came along. And except for the 1986 DLR Band, there hasn’t been one since. David Lee Roth made you forget about your daily problems for an hour and a half.  Dave successfully helped you forget about your lousy, shitty job with that mean, barking son-of-a-bitch boss. Don’t have a girlfriend? Chances are you’ll meet some cool chicks at the show. Have a girlfriend you can’t stand? Ditch her for a better one at the the show. Dave made you feel like he was your pal, your big bro inviting you over to his place to meet new people and hot chicks. Dave made everyone in the arena feel like they were part of the show, you were a part of the party. That you were not just the spectator, but you were an important part of that bigger than life show. That party at your big brother Diamond Dave’s house. No other frontman, no matter how talented they were/are, have been able to do this. To recreate this kind of atmosphere in any other rock show.

        Ya know that great expression, “Often imitated, never duplicated,” this is Diamond David Lee Roth right down to the letter. The mold really was broken with Dave. Dave’s innate ability to comfortably interact with the audience with such an intimacy, really is superhuman.

       Roth is in fantastic shape and yet some people talk shit about that and Dave’s age.  No famous and half ass famous guy in rock before 1997 or even today, is in even half as good of shape as Roth. Can it be said about any of the following?:

Mick Jaggar and anyone in The Rolling Stones

Tom Petty

Bruce Springsteen

Steven Tyler and all the slobs in Aerosmith

Bono and all those fuckers in U2


Black Sabbath all of them

Sammy Hagar    slob….

Any band that follows in the footsteps of Nirvana

Countless others…..

         All of these muther fuckers look like total and complete fuckin’ shit but Roth doesn’t.

        Roth has managed to continue to do what no one else has, fuckin’ rock and look and be, a superhero doing it. 

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  1. Charisma …. Always had it …. Always will!

    Diamond Dave is Van Halen!!!

  2. Who opened up for Dave on the Eat ’em and Smile tour?

  3. Van Halen sucks.
    Bunch of 60 year old pop metal dudes singing about skipping school and getting hot for teacher.

    Crappy here,

    Well, if that were true about Roth/Van Halen being old and sucking, and it’s not true about them (Dave and the boys are in their 50’s NOT 60’S and don’t suck), then, that DOES apply to these people who ARE in their 60’s+ who do suck according to YOU:


    Eric Clapton,


    AC/DC a few,


    The Yard Birds,

    Led Zeppelin,

    Jimmy Page,

    The Beatles,

    The Rolling Stones,

    The Doors,

    The Who,

    Black Sabbath,

    Deep Purple,

    Jethro Tull,


    Ozzy Osbourne,

    Tom Petty,

    Bob Dylan,

    Paul McCartney,

    Les Paul,

    Bruce Springsteen, and there are many more.

    Is that clear enough for you? Ya stupid jack-off!!!!
    Rock n’ Roll was and will always be about meeting new people, having fun with old and new friends, and getting laid. Rock n’ Roll is the best vehicle for this. And, if you have a problem with that, then you have personal problems that go far beyond Rock n’ Roll.


    • I had the pleasure of doing many many rock acts over the years and David Lee Roth 2006 solo performance was truly amazing 16 kick ass songs in a row sounded awesome leg kicks crazy acrobatics so are you people that play your albums and your eight tracks snd your cassettes ….shut the hell up All those names you listed are a dime a dozen go back and listen to fair warning women and children first …..nobody before or after does it like that beginnings wham the endings were wham crazy good lyrics and unique songs like you’re standing there next to him he’s the best of all time

  4. Iggy Pop is way better

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