Hey Brooke – Are You Ready For Some Football??!!

Hulk Hogan’s daughter makes new career move

HOLLYWOOD , CALIF. – May 4, 2008 – Brooke Hogan, daughter of wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan, showed up at a Hollywood nightclub Sunday so spaced on cocaine and Ecstasy, she thought she had landed the job of middle linebacker for an NFL football team.


Wearing a brown football jersey at the Key Club on Sunset Boulevard, Brooke told everybody who would listen that she had been selected by the Cleveland Browns in the third round draft of the NFL.


“You think my dad’s a badass?” Brooke told a group of stunned onlookers.  “You think he can kick ass?  Wait till you see my amazon ass on the field up in Cleveland. I know I’ll be a good tackler, because I’ve been eating balls since I was 12.”


Brooke was also sporting a beard, which she said would intimidate opponents.  “Thank God I have my dad’s genetics, so I can grow hair all over my body,” she said.  “Of course I shave my fucking snatch so guys will want to fuck me, but I got hair everywhere else.”


The five-foot-eleven-inch Brooke said she would be leaving for training camp sometime in June.


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