Hey Vince – Show Us Yer TITS!!

  Motley Crue vocalist shows up stacked in Miami   

 MIAMI – May 3, 2008 – Motley Crue vocalist Vince Neil was spotted on the beach in Miami with a new striped two-piece bikini, a new haircut and two new breasts.  Rumors had circulated for months that Neil had gone under the knife, but on Saturday he revealed to the world his new, more feminine look.


“Fuckin-a!” Vince yelled when asked about his 40 C’s.  “I’ve always been a tit-man, and now I got two of the motherfuckers to call my own.”


A thoroughly inebriated Neil revealed that he and Crue bassist Nikki Sixx are working on new material for live performances when Neil shows the audience his tits for the first time.  Fans can look forward to songs such as “Tits Tits Tits,” “Shout at the Knockers,” “Jugs that Kill,” “Kicksnap My Bra,” and “Dr. Feel-up.”


“The fucking songs are gonna kick ass,” Vince said as he shook his knockers from side to side.  “And the best thing is, after the shows, I don’t have to go find some groupie whore to fuck – I can just lay in bed all night and jack off while playing with my own tits.”   


Motley Crue’s first show with the new tits will be June 3 at the San Diego Sports Arena.


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