Hulk Hogan fucks the best friend of his daughter Brooke “Herman Munster” Hogan…GOOD!!!!

Well, I believe it was last year in an interview on CNBC’s “The Big Idea With Donny Deutsch” that Hulk Hogan said while sitting right next to his transvestite-looking wife, Linda, seven out of ten times when he wanted to have sex with her, Linda would reject him. When a broad does this enough times, a man/husband/boyfriend WILL look for it elsewhere. As it should be. Just once for this shit is too fucking much.


When I hear of a man beating the shit outta his wife, I have to ask, What did this bitch do to make a man to feel she deserves a thorough beating? Thirty-plus years ago things may have been different. But today, so many fuckin’ cunts physically abuse and emasculate men, and the laws surrounding women support the fucking-over of men to such an extent, that it’s inevitable that men are more and more often becoming homicidal.


When these stupid broads use their vagina as a reward system, they deserve all the shit they get. I recall the bullshit games that girlfriends have played with me when I’ve been in long term relationships with them, and I’m very sure virtually ALL men at one or more times through out their lives have had some version of this happen to them. It seems this problem is exclusive to American women and women from other countries who come here and become “Americanized.”


I’ve heard countless men tell versions of this fucking bullshit where these bitches say, “After you clean the house / buy me a Mercedes / buy me a new house / buy me a five-karat diamond / take care of the kids / work an 80-hour work week / take me to Vegas for the weekend / send me and my fuckin’ mother on a European vacation that includes a lot of food . . . THEN you can have my pussy once a month – but no blowjobs (unless the food in Europe totally kicks ass). But remember — and I’ll always remind you, in case you forget — I’M DOING YOU A FAVOR BY LETTING YOU FUCK ME!!” Sound familiar, folks??!!!


Or how about, “I’m only doing this for you!” or “I’m not on birth control, so you’ll have to come on my stomach.” or “I can’t be on the pill, cause I’ll gain even more weight than my fat ass already has, and you know I wouldn’t work out anyway.” or “But you’re supposed to love me for who I am inside!” or “Who cares that I don’t give you an erection anymore?” All this, and then you cunts can’t figure out why your skull is molded to the grill of your SUV.


As far as Linda Hogan goes, I don’t know why Hulk would want to fuck her in the first place. I thought he had more sense than that — even though he was supposedly found suckin’ Roddy Piper’s cock through his kilt back in July of 1986.



Linda is the size of a truck. She needs someone to teach her how to apply her makeup because she looks like a circus clown. She probably needs someone to teach her how to suck dick, too.

Hulk Hogan would be a good man for this job.


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