Miley Cyrus Turns Into A Pig

(Miley on tour in Mexico with Mexican translator)

Hannah Montana star transforms herself yet again

GUADALAJARA, MEXICO – May 22, 2008 – For those who for years have called Miley Cyrus a pig – now you can do it in all honesty. The girl who was made famous by her Hannah Montana series and the fact that her old man is a big-shot became a pig Wednesday as horrified onlookers watched.

Miley was in Mexico looking to find new friends who could tolerate her when suddenly she began to shake and dance around. People on the streets of Guadalajara thought she was going to begin an entertainment routine and naturally ran for their homes screaming and holding up crucifixes. Then without warning she turned into a 205-pound gray pig.

“She no look like Miley no more,” said Giuseppe san Lucas de Cordova, a local farmer and part-time seller of ptomaine-infested enchiladas. “All of a sudden she become peeg and look much better.”

Cordova threw a rope around Miley’s neck and began walking her toward the American Embassy in hopes someone there would know what to do with an American pop star who is a pig.

Half-way there, Miley spotted a field of mud and began pulling Cordova toward it.

“She want to play in mud,” said Cordova, who let Miley slop around for awhile before continuing the journey to the embassy. “It is like they say – you can take zee peeg out of zee mud but you no take mud from the peeg.”

Upon reaching the embassy, Miley called her agent and said, “Look, I just gained about a hundred pounds and lost about two and a half feet in height. Get my wardrobe people to create something for me to wear so I’ll still look like a slut.”

(Miley on tour. Miley entering hotel with her assistant in control)

ukraine_pig (16k image)

(Above: Miley greets fans outside hotel.)

(Above) Miley preparing for runway wearing one of the Fall line of D&G sweater/harness combo’s in Milan Italy. D&G nick-name for this special Miley line is “Oink.”

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  1. did you everseen music consert??

  2. No this is crap not really gonna happen its just a woman that has a pet pig.

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