Liz Claman from Fox News and formerly of CNBC IS THEEE Total Package and the Perfect woman

         This is a time where I slightly deviate from going off on musical lame-ass’s, and mention this time what really floats my boat with just a few chicks, and this one in particular. I can see through a broads bullshit like no body’s business. But, Liz Claman IS IT. Normally, no self-respecting male would give two shits about what some hot bitch has to say. Because they don’t “say” anything. If you’ve fucked enough of them, YOU know I’m right.
         But I gotta tell ya, Liz Claman is sooo goddamn hot, sexy, an extreeeeemely sexy voice, extremely intelligent and articulate, that this woman, she could sell sand to an Arab. Liz Claman could tell me that drinking Drain-O is safe, or putting my hand inside an open flame is a good idea for your skin, and I’d do them both. I just can’t think straight with that woman. Liz is the ONLY female on any business news station that has any brains at all, and sincerely puts thought into what ever it is she’s talking about. I get the sense that she’s really done her homework on any given subject when she opens that beautiful mouth of hers.
        Liz could talk about septic tank repair and I’d be riveted to the t.v. Except for Liz, ALL the rest of these women when they speak, sound and act the same as a robot in it’s early stages of developing emotions. I read where some guy was complaining that Liz was getting a little “chunky.” Liz could pack on 40lbs, be on her period, and I would happily devour her cookie, no questions asked. She could be on all four’s while I’m eating, blow a fart right up my nose and I’d say, “Thanks hun!” Alright……maybe I wouldn’t quite say.. that!!
          Well, that’s it. Read it good ’cause I may yank this one down at any time. That’s enough of that shit……back to business….
p.s.  Maria Bartiromo is pretty smart but she’s no match for Liz. Plus, Maria is WAY too fuckin’ aggressive and WAY, WAY too adversarial. Being from New York doesn’t help her either. Even if she didn’t have these problems, she still looks like a frog and sometimes a female impersonator. Having Maria talk to you, is like getting hit in the face with a crowbar. She conducts interviews with the same finesse as stepping on a furniture tack barefoot. 
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  1. No… this time you’re wrong.

  2. Creepy,

    Just a heads up, if Liz Claman finds this and somehow finds you then you’re getting a restraining order buddy. Take her pictures off your wall and get a real girlfriend and life.

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