Who the Hell is Crappys Truth?!!!


I Am Always Right, you are always wrong!!!!

That’s who!!!

I’ve been around the proverbial block in the world of the music business. A lot like your sister has been around whatever cockroach-infested block you live on. I know shit, and I’m going to tell you things I’ve experienced firsthand as well as through friends and acquaintances who have been involved at various levels of this shit-sandwich business. As I go along with these posts, you may get rattled because I firmly believe in being brutally honest. But I’ll try not to hurt you too bad. No, fuck that: I’ll include very colorful language and comments that will thoroughly piss off most of you, a result that I couldn’t possibly be happier about. Through pain comes growth. Remember that, if you can, but I won’t hold my fucking breath on it.


The TRUTH, as with any antiseptic medicine applied to an open wound, hurts like a mutha. But once the area is thoroughly cleaned and sterilized, hopefully you will be the wiser for it. If you’re not, that’s your fucking problem, not mine. Still, my goal is to educate and even possibly rehabilitate as many of you developmentally disabled head trauma “Tards” as possible. Will it work? No, but I don’t really give a fuck. Your mother wanted a normal child – did it work? No, and I’m sure she didn’t give a fuck either. She’s probably sitting there right now in her shack saying, “I don’t give a fuck, I don’t give a fuck, I don’t give a fuck. Why did I have kids? Somebody please put an end to it all!” As long as I do my part to help you, that’s all that counts because, as you’ll soon discover, I AM ALL that COUNTS. I AM ALWAYS RIGHT, you are always wrong.

Practically all of you are brainless sheep that go along with whatever mongrel you’re told is good or great. And practically all of you lack any congnitive ability to recognize the difference between true quality talent versus the shit coming outta your ass. This is where I step in.


The bulk of my writings will be in the form of strong, venomous attacks. This is necessary since the amount of horribly putrid musical talent and gutless product I’ve been forced to stomach, has been staggering since the 1960’s but even more abominable since the unearthing of rap/hip-hop (thank you Aerosmith assholes you fuckin bastards) and the band Nirvana, who put the final nail in the lid of the real rock/metal scene coffin in 1991. Their album title “Nevermind” should have been a clue, but most of you people didn’t fucking take it literally, and now we’re all paying for it. Here’s an old saying that many of you have probably heard: There’s only one thing better than Kurt Cobain killing himself at 27 years old – Kurt Cobain killing himself at 26 years old. Come to think if it, I guess I can think of 25 things that would have been even better.


There are very popular shitty guitarists out there, and some of these are ancient derelicts that have been lingering like polio since the 60’s. These are guys who are so fucked up, you could put them in an empty room with two ball bearings and in ten minutes they’d fuckin break one and lose the other. I have issues with all of them because they suck and I don’t, and I’m sure you’re going to want to know how I could EVER say such HORRIBLE things about these worthless, talentless, gutless losers.


Just to give ya a little taste as to who I’m talking about here are some initials of these pathetic “Tards”: E.C., C.S., Z.W., J.P., B.S. (B.S. also claims to sing too). I can say those things because I know what the fuck I’m talking about. I’ll go into detail about all of these shitheads, A.K.A. “legends,” when in reality they are true paper tigers, so get ready. On the other side of this rat sewage, there’s truly a lot of incredible talent here in the states as well as abroad that I can’t talk up enough – REAL TALENT, in other words, not some jack-off playing a left-handed piece of shit guitar like a Sears paint shaker while wearing his old man’s filthy beer and guacamole stained bowling shirt (read “Cobain, the heroin addict cocksucker”…coming soon!), and I’ll inform you of everything you need to know where all that’s concerned. Fortunately there’s a silver lining to all this. It’s called ME.


So you’ve got a LOT to look forward to in learning about the music business as well as what music to begin listening to and supporting. Plus you can look forward to being smarter, brighter and more appealing than you ever thought possible. Won’t that be a motherfucking change for the better!


Now, to quote a famous metal front-man……”Let the Madness Begin!!!!”



For a very spicy between-meal snack, (when you take a break from shoving fucking Big Macs down your gullet), you can check me out at www.youtube.com/crappystruth .



If you want me to get you a date with a chick you’d have a chance with, write me and tell me where your mother lives. No, I’m kidding. I’m fucking there right now and she’s outside dealing with the fucking cops.


Finally, if you’d like me to personally bust your fucking ass, you can write me at crappystruth@yahoo.com Maybe I’ll write ya back if I’m not too busy enjoying my life and if you can form sentences ya jackass!!

Your pal, Crappy

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  1. Who’s B.S? And I expect you mean Jimmy Page by J.P but you could also mean Joe Perry or John Petrucci.

  2. Just another fatboy with a blog who is to chickenshit to put his real name on his meaningless drivel, probably doesn’t even know what harmonic minor is.

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